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Client Testimonials

Don't just believe us, hear some stories of people who have depended on ADT systems and have been saved from disaster thanks to ADT Associates.

Mike Edwards

Mike EdwardsMike Edwards returned to his home after work and began preparing dinner. As the food cooked, Mike went into another room to relax and fell sound asleep. A fire broke out, activating the heat sensor in his kitchen. This immediately sent a signal to an ADT Customer Monitoring Center. Within seconds the local fire department was notified.

As the firefighters sped to the house, an ADT associate called Mr. Edwards' wife at work. She said that her husband was indeed home, but that the door was likely dead bolted. Firefighters did, indeed, have to break down the door and paramedics found Mr. Edwards lying near the door, overcome by the thick smoke. They dragged his lifeless body from the burning house and promptly tried to revive him. After twice shocking him with electric paddles, they still could not detect any signs of life. Finally, after a third try, they were able to bring him back to life.

Weeks later Mr. Edwards stood in his charred home with his ADT salesperson, thinking about the ADT system that had only been installed four months earlier. He thanked the representative stating, "If it weren't for you insisting that I needed fire protection that went beyond the battery-type smoke detectors, I'd be dead right now. I'll never again be without an ADT system in my home."

Heather Cates

Heather CatesAt approximately 11:30 p.m. on a February evening, the Customer Monitoring Center received an alarm transmission from the residence of Heather Cates. Following notification of the proper authorities, ADT's swing shift associate called the premises and inquired as to the reason for the medical alarm signal.

ADT Associate: Are you OK?

Ms. Cates: I'm holding on. I'm nine months pregnant with my third baby and my water just broke! Immediately, the ADT associate began to solicit additional information from Ms. Cates in order to update the medical team heading to her home, while at the same time making sure that this mother-to-be remained calm. Staying on the phone line, the ADT associate was conscientious enough to enlist the support of an outbound teammate who was able to relay crucial information until the paramedics arrived. The paramedics provided verbal confirmation that Ms. Cates was stable and ready to be transported to the hospital.

Mary Brown

Mary BrownWith her husband John lying prone on the floor from a fall, Mary Brown signaled the ADT Customer Monitoring Center for help. Following an expeditious notification of the appropriate medical agency, swing shift team member continued standard operating procedure and phoned the premises. A very distraught Mrs. Brown answered the phone wondering when medical assistance would arrive.

The ADT monitoring associate first attempted to calm Mrs. Brown, assuring her that an ambulance was en route to their residence. The associate then went on to ask a variety of questions that would afford ADT the opportunity to provide an in-depth update and disclose pertinent information regarding the gentleman's medical history to paramedics upon their arrival. As a result of thorough probing, the associate was able to notify the medical response team of Mr. Brown's respiratory condition at the time and alert them that the 76-year-old patient had experienced prior bouts with kidney disease and strokes.

Joe Jones

Joe JonesThe ADT Customer Monitoring Center received a medical alarm transmission from the home of Joe Jones. Within six seconds, an ADT outbound associate took operator action on the signal, made careful note of account special instructions, and then promptly notified the proper authorities of the situation. The associate followed up with a call to Mr. Jones' residence where he spoke directly to the very concerned customer.

ADT Associate: Is everything okay?

Mr. Jones: No. I'm very short of breath! I don't know if I'm going to be alive or dead!

After informing Mr. Jones that help was on the way, the associate then offered to stay on the line with the gentleman until the paramedics arrived. In a dual effort to both calm the customer and solicit additional information pertinent to the event at hand, ADT's associate discovered Jones' desire to be taken to a hospital and his immediate need for oxygen. Following proper procedure, the ADT call center representative then made a follow-up call to the city fire department to provide this critical additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the basic package?
Your basic package includes 2 door contacts, the telco connection, a motion detector, control panel, keypad, siren, yard sign and window decals.

How long is the contract for?
It is for 3 years with ADT, and will automatically renew at 2-year intervals.

Are pets going to be a problem?
Small dogs should not pose a problem, however, large dogs and cats may set off the motion sensor. There are some motion detectors available for larger dogs, but it is commonly recommended by the installation technician to swap the motion sensor for inside contacts in the event of a cat. Cats are more likely to set off a motion sensor as a result of their agility and ability to go into the area covered by a motion sensor.

What happens after I purchased an ADT security system?
Aryana Wireless Authorized ADT Dealer will provide you with yard sign and window decals which should be placed in your yard and windows as soon as possible. These valuable tools can help deter potential burglars from entering your home and property. Aryana Wireless Authorized ADT Dealer will also schedule your security system installation before they leave your home. For your convenience, we offer flexible installation schedules from morning and afternoon appointments or Saturday appointments. Simply let us ADT know what date and time works best for your installation.

What happens if I accidentally set off a false alarm?
You have 2 ways to correct a false alarm with our system. If you accidentally set the alarm off yourself, the following normal procedures allow you to avoid having the police come out unnecessarily.

Simply input your 4-digit code into the keypad and reset your system. This would send a signal to the monitoring station that the correct code has shut off the alarm and that there is an authorized user on the premises. This would then cancel the alarm.

If you were unable to do that within a reasonable time frame, the signal sent to ADT would cause them to call your home to verify your safety. ADT will let the phone ring 4 times. When asked by the ADT operator for your personal identification code (PIC), supplying them with that would again verify that you were an authorized user. If you were unable to reach the phone in time, ADT would assume you were not at the residence, and a real emergency was taking place, and the police would be dispatched.

We also provide you with a familiarization period which allows you and your family to become familiar with your new home security system minimizing the threat of false alarms.

What is the familiarization period all about?
The familiarization period is 7 days. This period allows the homeowner to spend time getting used to their new system and allow errors to occur in the learning process. It can be extended at the request of the customer.

How does it work? Specifically arming and running the system.
Our installation technician that comes to your home to install your system will explain the systemís operation to you in detail.

When is my first payment going to be coming out of my account?
If when you take advantage of the promotion you have passed the billing date for that month, the first payment would be at the beginning of the next month. You would be prorated for the portion of your first month from the date of installation, and pre-billed for your second month. Usually, the first payment is the largest. After that your monthly charge resumes to the normal $31.99 plus tax.

Why do I have to give you a void cheque?
In order for the billing department of ADT to have the ability to automatically debit your account, they need a void cheque to access the correct account at your bank.

Why do you have to do a credit check?
A credit inquiry is done to ensure the good standing of your account and is often used when utilizing a monthly payment for a good or service. It is normal for companies to do a credit check and it will not affect on your rating long term.

What does the Extended Limited Warranty cover?
For the length of the agreement and as long as the customer is monitored by ADT, all parts and labour are covered for the system with the exception of misuse and or abuse. Batteries are not covered in this warranty.(Promotions Team Member should direct the customer to read the contract.)

What are the costs for extra devices?
It is best to talk to the installation technician when he is here. They are the experts on the best way to adequately protect your home. I will make a note here to advise them that you are interested in knowing more about.

What can I expect once my system is installed?
Once your ADT security system has been installed, you will receive an ADT welcome kit. Your welcome kit will contain valuable tips and information such as a 6-month money back guarantee, theft protection guarantee, valuable savings on all relocation discount program and more. It will also contain the important emergency contact phone numbers provided to Aryana Wireless Authorized ADT Dealer, along with those important phone numbers and contacts at ADT. Be sure to place your welcome kit in a safe place so that you may refer to this information as needed.

Is Aryana Wireless available if I have questions or wish to make changes with my security system?
Absolutely, we are available whenever you have questions or need assistance with your ADT security system. Our agents strive to maintain ongoing relationships with a valued customer such as your self. In fact, you may contact your ADT representative for a demo of your system once it has been installed. They will be happy to go through with you and anyone else who may have access to your security system including known contacts on your emergency call list. Plus, if your community is interested in a community safety program, Aryana Wireless Authorized ADT Dealer can provide you with the information to get that started and do not forget to think about others close to you who might be in need of the protection an ADT system offers.

Do all my emergency contacts have to have keys to my home?
Yes, as they need to be able to re-secure the home in your absence should you be unavailable. As well, if the intruders enter through an unprotected opening, the police would require your contact to open the front door to gain access to your home.

Can we change who our key holders are at a later date?
Absolutely. Simply call ADT and give then the up to date information.

Can we change our passwords later?
Absolutely. Simply call ADT and tell them you wish to make a change. For security reasons, this should be done by the homeowner and in writing.

What if my phone lines get cut?
It is very rare that residential phone lines are cut. If phone lines are cut, it is by professional thieves, probably targeting banks or jewelry stores. Persons breaking into homes are usually looking for things they can resell quickly for cash. Also, the common thief would rather target a home with fewer barriers to go through than a home monitored by ADT.

Burglary is a crime of opportunity. Burglars donít choose victims, they choose opportunities. In the unlikely event a burglar does cut the phone line and compromise the integrity of the home, the alarm will still sound and alert your neighbours to an intruder.

Can we get a cellular backup?
Yes, cellular backup is available, however, this type of application is most often applied to large commercial systems. If you are interested in more information on cellular backup, I can arrange for a technician to contact you and explain cellular backup in more detail.

What happens if our electricity dies in the house?
Your system is equipped with battery back up for such an emergency. ADT would receive a signal when the batteries were low and would try and contact you. If they were unable to do that, they would try and contact your emergency keyholders to alert them to the situation.

What happens when the batteries die?
A signal is sent from your control panel notifying both you and ADT that the batteries are running low. The signal allows you ample time to change the batteries and prevent any loss of security.

Who should get my mater code? How do I program extra codes into the system?
The homeowner should be the only one who knows the master code. It is used to enter and delete the other user codes. The installation technician will go over how to add codes to your system.

Do I need more than the basic package?
Probably not. The basic package provides adequate protection for the average home. If you want additional contacts or sensors, our installation technicians will be best able to advise you on upgrades.

What if I would like to upgrade or change my ADT security system?
Aryana Wireless Authorized ADT Dealer is always available to help you with enhancements or changes to your security system. Feel free to contact your agent at any time should you have a need to change your system in any way. Again, thank you for choosing ADT and putting your trust in us. We appreciate your confidence in our service and are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

And here is another safety idea. While you are speaking with your representative about your security system installation, think about others close to you who might be in need of the protection an ADT system offers. The free consultation with Aryana Wireless Authorized ADT Dealer might make a big difference in someoneís life.